Devotional: By the Brook

On Sunday our church had the opportunity to hear God’s Word from John Stroup, one of the founders of Freeway Ministries, a ministry out of Springfield (and Crossway Baptist Church) that ministers to criminals, drug addicts, and people that most would turn away. He preached a message I know well and hold dear to my heart: Elijah and the brook.

Years ago, I was a college student attending a small country church with my parents on the weekends when I heard a message that has stayed with me. My pastor at the time, Brother Frank Whitney, preached about Elijah and the brook. I specifically remember how he talked about God providing relief for Elijah for a little while at the brook: he provided a raven that brought him food every day. He fueled him and allowed him to be filled up, and when God was ready to put Elijah back in the game, the brook dried up. It was time for Elijah to go.

This is something my husband and I have often discussed in our ministry journey. There have been times when God brought us to the brook and allowed us to be fed and filled up, and then the brook would dry up, and he would call us to move on and jump back in. This specifically happened a few months ago. My husband came home one day and said, “Well, the brook dried up; it’s time to get back in there.” After a brief time out of the ministry, we have both felt God calling us back in.

So imagine my surprise when the speaker begins preaching on 1 Kings 17 and Elijah and the brook! There were a few specific things he spoke about that I want to share with you.

1. There comes a point when God calls you from one place to another. If God calls you, He WILL provide what you need to follow Him. God provides through His direction. Your OBEDIENCE is part of His provision.

2. One season prepares you for the next. He prepares us for the next season by giving us time at the brook.

He gives us the brook so that we will be filled up and ready for what lies ahead. There can be trials and tragedy in what lies ahead, so sometimes He gives us the brook so that we can look back at our time and praise Him for all He has done.

Whether you’re at the brook or waiting on His calling and provision, trust Him! He is the only one who knows what lies ahead!

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