Devotional: Great is Thy Faithfulness

“Great is thy faithfulness, O God my Father. There is no shadow of turning with Thee. Thou changest not, thy compassions they fail not. As thou hast been, thou forever will be.”

Maybe you have heard the words to this great hymn. Did you know those words are from Lamentations in the Bible? Lamentations was written after the fall of Jerusalem and most likely by Jeremiah who prophesied the city’s fall for much of his life. He lamented its end and the destruction of its people. So these words were written during a time of desolation and desperation. Sound familiar?

While we may not be experiencing total desolation and destruction, we are definitely experiencing despair during this pandemic. We are seeing families torn apart, the death of loved ones and no proper way to celebrate their lives, jobs gone and people trying to survive, and depression over what was lost and what cannot be. Many of you may be looking for answers or at least the light at then end of the tunnel.

In the midst of it all, Jeremiah was able to say, “The faithful love of the Lord never ends! His mercies never cease. Great is his faithfulness; his mercies begin afresh each morning. (3:22-23)” In the midst of pain and suffering, He gives new mercies every morning. His love is always faithful, always endures, and never disappoints. Everything in this life is temporary…but HIS love has no end. His love is eternal. It is the only thing that will not pass away. So in the midst of the days that never end, the sorrow, the uncertainties, may we say, “GREAT IS HIS FAITHFULNESS!”

My prayer for desperate times:

I wake up

Another day

Same as yesterday.

The days run together

Until I can no longer see 

Where one ends

And the other begins.

How long, O Lord

Will the days go on?

How long, O Lord

Will we see death and sorrow?

How long, O Lord 

Will you wait

To rescue your people?

O how I long 

To meet in your house

With your people.

O how I long 

To see the many faces

Of the ones I love.

O how I long 

To hug their necks

And walk through this life 

With them again.

I feel my spirit fading,

My soul has grown weary,

My days have become purposeless.

They’ve become empty.

But your love, O Lord

Never ceases.

Your mercies never end.

Every morning, I wake

You bring them again and again.

Great is YOUR faithfulness.

So today when I rise

May I remember your mercies.

May I feel Your great love.

May I sing of Your faithfulness.

May I find purpose for TODAY.

So I will wait for your redemption.

I will wait for you to rescue

I will wait on YOU Lord.

Great is YOUR faithfulness.

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