One Word

One word.

That’s all it takes.

One word to hurt or to heal. To destroy or to build up. To isolate or to comfort. To change lives forever. 

One word is it.

What power we’ve been given with just a simple word. One word. One word can change everything. In your life. In the lives of others. Just. One. Word.


With that word there is hope. We are alive. There is blood running through our veins, breath in our lungs. A new life brings new beginnings. The start of life. Wrapped in a tiny bundle of joy. 


With that word comes sorrow. An ending. Life is gone. Blood and breath are gone. Death is final. For the saved, death brings hope and comfort. Knowing your loved one is in the arms of our Savior. For those who don’t know Him, death brings damnation. Eternal separation.


This word destroys. This word is a cancer to the soul. It can begin with a thought, which turns into a mindset, which invades every part of our being. Hate destroys relationships. Hearts. Lives.


WIth that word comes happiness. Love ties everything together. Love gives hope that tomorrow will be okay. Love heals all wounds. God’s love brings about an ending joy. His love shows grace and mercy to the undeserving sinner.


Life, death, hate, and love all wrapped up in one word. Life. New life beginning with Jesus Christ. His love and hope running through our veins. His breath in our lungs. Death. Death of our former life, our former selves. Death of the ugly sin that once held us hostage. An ending. A final death of our own desires. Hate. A hatred for my sin nature that still tries to take control somedays. A hatred for the thoughts I sometimes still entertain. A hatred for the sin and the enemy that still controls those I love. A hatred for the words, the actions, the sin that has destroyed relationships, hearts, and lives. Love. A newfound love for those who don’t know Him. A love for new life. A love that gives new mercies everyday. A love that heals all wounds, that mends what’s been broken. A love for the grace and mercy he has shown me, an undeserving sinner. A love for this One that calls me His. A love for Him who picked up my broken pieces and put them back together. 

With one word we can put to death the things of the flesh and show others this new life.

With one word we can love with the kind of love that erases all hate.


The only one word that truly matters.

The only word that can heal and rescue lives for all eternity.

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